our values

We are witnessing the devastating effects Capitalism 1.0 has brought to our everyday lives. The world is getting warmer, income disparity has never been greater, and species are vanishing from our planet awash in plastic, while many are left homeless by deforestation.


We must strive to preserve species diversity as our global ecosystem depends upon this. Important research will be conducted at Terra Unum College in a state of the art facility we call “TUT” (Terra Unum Terrarium).

Within this enclosed habitat, species interaction will be studied together with approaches to ensuring their survival. The loss of any species from human behavior can have horrific consequences. Our aim is to raise awareness of these consequences and influence change.


Plastic presents an existential threat to many aquatic species as tonnes of plastic are allowed to flow into our waterways and oceans. The primary source of this threat is consumer choice. We have the power to make better choices when selecting the products we purchase.

Terra Unum students will study and develop new solutions to consumer packaging as well as design a strategy for their adoption.


We seek to identify opportunities to disrupt and replace linear with circular consumption. Many of today’s challenges are interlinked with linear consumption. The potential opportunities are numerous for our students to create important solutions to these challenges. Our goal is to eliminate 25 single use products by 2025 to be replaced by sustainable and environmentally friendly products.


We aim to identify and accelerate opportunities to move more people without dependence upon fossil fuels. Terra Unum students will design and bring to market zero carbon mobility products and services. Mobility must also be democratised, so that underserved populations also have access. The college will showcase these innovations on our campus.